We take pride in the service we provide. Our approach allows for quality attention within a specialty of industries. Because of this focus, we produce superior results due to our ability to channel all of our resources into networking for a very specific skill set.

A Professional Approach

Our services are based on the premise that you know your business, we listen to you. Our focus is on meeting your goals, energy is not wasted on highlighting our vision.

Industry Networked

Quality relationships and being close to the industry with a developed knowledge on specific trends providing for current and up to date modelling of where you need to be.


GAP Resource Management - Recruitment

GAP Resource Management Pty Ltd

Established to partner with Living Recruitment in Australia to provide a broader range of services, incorporating the diverse range of skills in Security and Technologies, including the contracting of short time construction and engineering personnel.

GAP Resource Management New Zealand - Recruitment

GAP Resource management NZ Limited

A New Zealand registered company providing specialised recruitment solutions to industry, creating affiliations between key organisations, providing business support and encouraging growth. With two NZ directors we are able to deliver a relevant and sustainable product.

Living Recruitment

Living recruitment Pty Ltd

Successfully servicing the Construction, Engineering, IT and Technology Industries since 2010. Living Recruitment is recognised for its excellence, the company has built a solid platform well recognised throughout the industry.